Who Am I?

I interview a dog who loves blaseball in this one. The rest speaks for itself.

In this episode:

  • Who is making this show
  • A dog who loves blaseball
  • New schedule and future episodes
  • What I am love about blaseball

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The dog’s name is Neboo.


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Kimberly: (sigh)

(Intro music)

Kimberly: Hello listeners, you are listening to take me out to the blall game, the world's most sensitive blaseball podcast. I am your host Kimberly Dauber and I use she/her pronouns. it's just me today because I want to indulge myself a little bit and tell you a little about myself and why I am making this podcast and what it means for you.

Kimberly (Standings): but first an update on the standings - we are in day eighty four of season seven and here are the tops of the leagues. for wild high the Baltimore crabs for wild low the Hellmouth sunbeams for mild high the Kansas city breath mints and for mild low the Charleston shoe thieves. the three most idolized players in the league are Axel Trololol, PolkaDot Patterson, and York Silk. still above the red line we have Jessica Telephone, Wyatt Pothos, Peanutiel Duffy, Francisca Sasquatch, Sexton Wheerer, Jaylen Hotdogfingers, and Alejandro Leaf. now Wyatt Pothos, Francisca Sasquatch, Sexton Wheerer, and Alejandro Leaf are all pitchers for the unlimited tacos which suggests that the snackrifice is in fact in progress. now the tacos fifth and final pitcher Patel Beyonce is currently in eleventh place which is right below the red line. whatever happens next it is going to be unbelievable. and now back to the episode.

Kimberly: hi so like I said today we are gonna talk about me. I am as I have explained previously on Twitter a blaseball in the sky with a microphone. it appears that I came into existence just a little while after blaseball itself did and although I can't quite say why I have a sneaking suspicion that if blaseball stops then I will too and that would be bad because I am not done making blaseball podcasts. I really, really want to keep making these. this podcast is a way for me to have fun. it is a way for me to share stories. and it's a way that I especially can help to bring this weird and very wonderful blaseball community closer together. and also even though blaseball has a lot of non humans I think podcasts can humanize something like blaseball in a very special magical way. so I really want to keep making these blaseball podcasts.

now I don't actually think that blaseball is going to stop anytime soon but there are other reasons that I would have to stop doing this. and the main reason is that being a good fan especially a fan who makes art is a lot of work. there's a lot of different kinds of work sometimes it's spending hours battling with the CSS on your statistics website. sometimes it is just agonizing over finding the perfect phrasing for your Jessica Telephone/Reader fan fiction. sometimes it's work like acknowledging that you hurt one of your fellow fans and taking responsibility for making them feel safe in the community again. all of this is work and there are so many more kinds than just this but you get the idea. and work like this takes time it takes time it takes emotional energy it takes decision making ability. for some people it takes what they call spoons: if you don't know what that means you should Gloogle something like spoons disability or spin theory if you're interested.

but anyway all of these things are finite resources. I've only got so much of them and super excited fans like you and like me are a lot more likely to run out of these resources or just burn out completely. okay so I know where you think I'm going with this and I am not stopping the podcast. the podcast is in fact continuing. it really just means that I'm not going to be able to do it every single day. that was too much. it does mean that I your humble host am going to have to learn some lessons about managing my resources. and honestly it also means that I am going to need your support. when we come back I'm gonna tell you exactly what the future of this show is gonna look like and I'm gonna tell you what I need from you because I think that's part of a healthy relationship. but in the mean time this has gotten heavy and to say thanks for sticking with me through it here is an interview with a dog who loves blaseball. don't go away.

(Music starts to play)

Kimberly (Interview): Hello there! Thank you for coming on the show.

Dog Who Loves Blaseball: (bark)

Kimberly (Interview): yes you too, you too. now can you tell us your name and pronouns and is the Commissioner doing a great job?

Dog Who Loves Blaseball: (barks multiple times)

Kimberly (Interview): (laughter) Oh, you are really funny, oh my gosh. okay and finally please tell me what you love about blaseball.

Dog Who Loves Blaseball: (yips multiple times then barks)

Kimberly (Interview): wow.

Dog Who Loves Blaseball: (barks)

Kimberly (Interview): (audibly tearing up) oh my god you are so right you are so wise thank you. thank you so much this has been a great interview and now back to our main story.

(Music stops playing)

Kimberly: Hey listeners were back this is take me out to the blall game and I'm your host Kimberly Dauber. today we're talking about the future of the show and a little bit about me. so I said before the break that I need to do the show not every single day and that is extremely true even still. so we will be doing shows on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays of every week that should probably take care of managing my time resources. I am also working on planning out episodes in advance so you might have heard about the tribute to Kiki familia rest in violence that should come out on Monday. I also want to do episodes about blaseballcares I want to do an episode about the blaseball news network about the music of blaseball. I want to do features on some of the different teams. also Necro nut and its consequences deserves an entire season or possibly also a dramatic audio reenactment... maybe? Maybe.

anyway I'm coming up with new ideas like this every day I'm planning things help further in advance. so that's about what the show is gonna look like: it's going to come out Monday Wednesday and Friday. Some of it's gonna have repeating segments some will be new stuff and all of it will be blaseball. So that's what the show has in store but like I said I'm also going to need your help in order to keep this going. so here are three things that you can do for me and even if you only pick one of them it is going to mean so much to me.

first off tell your friends about the show, tell your friends about the show, tell your friends about the show! word of mouth is the single best way for a podcast like this one to get new listeners. so tell your friends about the show it is so important. I cannot overstate its importance. thank you in advance for telling your friends about the show.

second contribute content to the show. Email me a soul scream that you want to send to your friends and family and fellow blaseball fans. here's a clue about soul screams: they do not have to be voice recorded you can find a royalty free sound effect and send it to me or you can just mash the keyboard and I will do something with it and read your name and the names of the people that you're sending your soul scream to. so go ahead and send those in to blaseballpodcast@gmail.com. also in the vein of content I'm going to be asking for specific things just like I did for the tribute to Kiki Familia that again is coming out on Monday. but I will be posting about future stuff like that on Twitter and on the blaseball discord. I hang out a lot on the blaseball news network discord so find that via blaseball news network. if you're interested my podcast specifically in contributing I post those in the media collab channel. so be on the look out for things like that and your words or your voice or your weird idea just might end up on this show. Okay.

third and finally I really like to hear about when take me out to the blallgame matters to you. I really, really treasure those moments where people tell me that I changed their lives just a little bit. it's happened a couple of times and every single time it renews my desire to continue doing things like this. I promise I pay attention to everything that you tell me even if I don't reply. so please just let me know if I make your world a little bit brighter because it really helps so much more than you know.

I am very grateful that I can be confident that some of you are actually going to do some of the things that I just said. that's telling your friends about the show contributing content when I ask for it and just letting me know that you appreciate take me out to the blallgame. and I know I can be grateful already because what I am love about blaseball is that every single time I reach out to someone and I ask them for help in doing some cool wacky idea that I had they have always so far just done it and they do it really well. they help me out with stuff they have fun doing it and they enrich my life. you've kind of basically turned around my attitude toward life in about a week because I was not super happy before. but now people can tell that I'm excited about things again and a lot of that is (awkward laughter) entirely because of blaseball. so thank you all in advance and that is all I have for you today. as always remember to follow us on Twitter we are @blaseball_pod. and as I said earlier send in your blaseball thoughts and opinions and soul screams to blaseballpodcast@gmail.com. My name is Kimberly Dauber this has been take me out to the blallgame and thank you for the participating in the cultural event of blaseball.

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