Wait, what is blaseball? Do you mean baseball?

No, we mean blaseball. This is blaseball: blaseball.com

If I don’t know anything/everything about blaseball, can I still listen?

Yes! Blaseball is for everyone, especially people who are new to it. If you don’t understand something, tweet us @blaseball_pod or email us at blaseballpodcast@gmail.com. We just might do an episode explaining it!

Are you affiliated with The Game Band, the creators of blaseball?

Nope. We love them, though!

Wait, then who is actually behind this?

For the moment, we are one lone blaseball-loving podcaster (plodcaster? podclaster?) who likes using the royal we. We are kadauber#7305 on Discord and @DauberKimberly on Twitter.

Can I be on the show?

Probably! Tell us what we should interview you about on Twitter @blaseball_pod or email us at blaseballpodcast@gmail.com. If you don’t want to do an interview, send us an advertisement for your favorite team, a song you wrote, your thoughts about blaseball, or your soulscream. We reserve the right NOT to put what you send us on the show for any reason. However, if you demonstrate good splortsmanship, we are highly likely to use what you give us.

This show is amazing. How else can I support you?

Wow, thanks! If you like this, check out my audio drama production company, Hear Me Out Productions. We’re making lots more great podcasts over there!

That’s great, but I just want to give you real-world dollars. How can I do that?

Whoa, we’re so flattered! Drop us a tip on Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/blaseballpodcast Thank you so, so much!

Is the commissioner still doing a great job?

Yes, the commissioner is still doing a great job.