Announcing Blaseball: The Musical

Announcing Blaseball: The Musical. Yes, you read that right. Check out for more details!

Kimberly: Hello there listeners, this is sort of Take Me Out to the Blall Game. I am still Kimberly Dauber, your host. I am here with my good friend Bones. Hey Bones, what should we call you, what are your pronouns, and is The Commissioner Doing A Great Job?

Bones: My name is Bones. My pronouns are They/them, and I do believe that The Commissioner Is Doing A Good Job. Although the Commissioner is somewhat new, to my understanding, so I think it might take a little bit to see how that goes.

Kimberly: Yeah that's gonna take a little while, but that's okay, we've got time. Actually folks, Bones and I are here with a super exciting announcement! I am extremely pleased to announce that... we are going to be putting on Blaseball: The Musical. Yes, it's happening.

Bones: It's happening!

Kimberly: You might have found the secret hidden on my website, uh it's still hidden on the website, you can find your way to it. But in the meantime you can also go to to get more information. But this is going to be very exciting... Bones, you want to describe, like, what's about to happen with this?

Bones: Yes, so this is...

(laughter from both)

I I feel like a, definitely a collaborative community exercise, but also a fun creative exercise for us as well. We have seventy two hours (Kimberly laughs) to put together a musical about blaseball. We have twenty four hours to write, twenty four hours to rehearse and record, and twenty four hours to edit.

(yet more laughter)

It's... I am absolutely fascinated by how this is going to play out. We have... do you wanna mention our our roster currently?

Kimberly: Yeah let's go through the roster. So I am gonna produce and direct the show and Bones here is going to sound design it, which is very exciting. And we've also got rain of The Garages, who's going to compose and produce the music. And we've got Matthew Black, who you might remember from this show as the Collective Dadconscious and various other voices, who's going to be writing the book for it... and it's gonna be really good. Oh, and also WTFB Splorts Radio, That Reporter, is gonna be in the musical also. So... so...

(breaks out into laughter)

This is happening.

Bones: Yeah, and it's very exciting. We also just started up our Twitter account at @BlaseballMuse and I/we have actually additional information for audition for actors, singers, instrumentalists, which should be coming by November 21st. Which at the time of recording is next Saturday?

Kimberly: That's right. Probably, since I'm probably about to release this in like... thirty minutes, also. It's probably still going to be next Saturday.

(Bones laughs)

But yeah, if you would like to audition to be in the show, then keep an eye on and on our Twitter at @BlaseballMuse for audition information coming by Saturday November 21st and it's gonna be a time. It's going to exist, that's my main objective.

(Kimberly laughs)

Bones: God, i'm so excited. As somebody who's been into musical theater pretty much my whole life and has been into blaseball for as long as I can remember at this point... It's really, I've noticed there is a lot of overlap and I'm really excited to see this come together. It's gonna be a wild ride.

Kimberly: Oh yeah, we've had such a warm reception already. Thank you so much to everyone who saw us tweeting and was like...

(audible gasp) aw yesss

(Kimberly laughs)

Everyone who's like: "Oh my musical theater degree will now come in handy in blaseball!" and I'm like: "Yes come, come audition!"

Bones: Yes!

Kimberly: I cannot wait to hear what everybdy does. Can't give you any more details about what auditions will entail just yet, but it's coming soon, don't worry. Just keep an eye on our socials and on the website, it'll be there.

Both: Yeah.

Kimberly: And don't forget to submit if you're an instrumentalist too!

Bones: Yes!

Kimberly: Gotta have orchestra... highly underappreciated part of musicals. You all, if you've ever been in the musical for an orchestra, thank you. (laughter) If you've ever been in the orchestra for a musical, thank you.

Bones: Yeah, for real.

Kimberly: You are amazing. You make the show happen. It's great.

Bones: I think it's also really exciting to see, as instrumentalists also start to come out of the woodwork, we're also going to be able to see how that will shape our musical palette. Which is also very exciting. The door's wide open. (laughter)

Kimberly: Alright, well I don't think there's anything besides this to announce, is there?

Bones: I don't think so. There is some secrets, but the secrets are still secret.

Kimberly: The secrets are still seeeecret. They will be revealed in due time. Alrighty, but that's all we've got for now that is not a secret so... do not forget to check out Blaseball the Musical at Follow us on Twitter @BlaseballMuse, and we look forward to presenting this for you. Thanks for listening, I'm Kimberly Dauber, and thank you for participating in the cultural event of blaseball.

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