Non-Episode Number 1

This isn’t an episode because I am one stressed out blaseball in the sky with a microphone. Thank you for enjoying the podcast!

Also, there are many transcripts on the website! I suspect they’ll all be available within a month or so at our current rate. Eternal gratitude to crone, euonymph, fjork3, Jossar, krazz, Serasent, and sophie.leah for your help with transcription.

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Kimberly: Hey there listeners, this is Kimberly. I'm your host on Take Me Out To The Blallgame, and I use She/her pronouns. I'm just letting you know that... there's not gonna be an episode today, because I am currently one stressed-out blaseball in the sky with a microphone.

There will probably be more episodes, like, there might be one on Friday? I'll keep releasing something on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But it might not be what you expect! Thanks for sticking with me on this wonderful journey of Take Me Out To The Blallgame. I love you all very dearly. Please do keep following me on Twitter at @blaseball_pod and checking out the website at

Where we also, by the way, thanks to a bunch of wonderful people, have almost all of the episodes transcribed. We're getting very, very close on that. So if you have a friend who's been waiting on transcripts to check out the show, tell 'em about the transcripts and, uh, hopefully they'll have a good time with those. I expect those to be finished probably like, within the month based on the rate these wonderful, wonderful fans are going.

Let me just call them out by name real quick. This goes out to: crone, euonymph, Jossar, krazz, Serasent, fjork3, and sophie.leah. So thank you all for doing the transcripts and uh, thank you everybody for listening. I hope you have a very blaseball day. And thank you for participating in the cultural event of blaseball.

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Transcribed by Jossar.

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