LGBTQIA+ Blaseball Survey

Hello listeners! For LGBTQIA+ History Month, we’re doing an episode on blaseball and the LGBTQIA+ community, and I need YOUR help to make it. Fill out this survey about loving blaseball and being not-heterosexual or not-cisgender: BIPOC and trans people, you are especially invited to participate. Thanks for your help!

Kimberly: Hey there it's Kimberly. Just a quick content warning: in this Minisode I reclaim a homophobic slur that starts with the letter Q. So if you don't want to hear that, you can just read the show notes to this episode instead, and that's okay. All right, on to the Minisode.

Hi listeners, it's me Kimberly Dauber, the one and only blaseball in the sky with a microphone who hosts this podcast - Take Me Out to the Blall Game. And I have a request for you: October is LGBTQIA+ History Month and to celebrate I'm doing an episode about loving blaseball and being queer. But I need your help. I want to hear all about your experiences about blaseball as a queer space. So please, fill out my survey at The survey has questions like: "In one sentence or less, summarize the queerness of blaseball." "How could we make blaseball gayer?" "How should we make baseball gayer?" and finally "What are you love about being a queer blaseball fan?" Send me in your responses by 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern Time on Sunday October 4th, so that I can include them in the podcast. Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color and trans people, you are especially invited to participate. Once again that's

One more announcement: we will still be releasing episodes over the Siesta, so keep on watching the feed! Now is also a great time to catch up on our backlog, which is small but mighty. That's all for today, follow us on Twitter at @blaseball_pod , email us at , and of course thank you for participating in the cultural event of blaseball.

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